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The PAD Foundation

The Peter Alan Dickson Foundation is a registered charity that is dedicated to increasing educational opportunities for those who either through poverty or other circumstance are not able to fully take advantage of educational opportunities. The Foundation is also dedicated to providing support to those in society who have been affected by disasters. View website

fsiWe are pleased to be supported by the The FSI. The FSI is a registered charity that supports charities of all sizes but has a particular focus on addressing the resource and skills gaps experienced by the UK’s vibrant small charity sector.
Small charities can access free capacity-building programmes that encompass a full range of fundraising and back-office operations such as training, advice, conference, events, consultancy and advocacy services aimed at building sustainability and knowledge-sharing. FSI Consultancy delivers a diverse range of projects for charities of all sizes; experts in all areas of charity operations undertake projects in all aspects of planning and strategy. Fees for consultancy are on a sliding scale in order to allow access to charities of all sizes. View website

We channel our funding through three routes.


Our Education Fund distributes funds to individuals, specifically but not exclusively in the developing world, who either through poverty or other circumstance would find it impossible to participate in educational activities that provide opportunities to develop their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals


To provide support to individuals or charities that are working to improve communities through the provision of positive activities to engage youth and demonstrate positive routes to fulfil their life potential.


Our Disaster Fund distributes funding to individuals, families and charitable organisations in the developing world where a disaster has occurred or who have been affected by disasters and who either through poverty or lack of other resources need support to overcome the terrible circumstances that have affected their lives